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OM Acoustic

Hi my name is Alan and I am a hobby guitar builder. Retired now I have the time to spend experiment and change my building methods and designs to ultimately build the best acoustic guitar I can. There are so many variables in building a guitar it is not an easy job but very rewarding when you get it right.

This guitar is being built for a special friend so I have been using the best materials I have and so far, the guitar is looking good. East Indian Rosewood has been a main staple for guitar building for many years. It has all the great properties required to make a great sounding instrument. Although the back and sides are an important part of the build the top is the most important part of the build and it will contribute 75% to the sound of the guitar. The top on this guitar is Appalachian Spruce from Canada and it is a AAA grade set. This means its is a good quality top with no run out and nice fine grain. Appalachian, or Red Spruce as its common name is one of the stiffest Spruces available. In saying that no two pieces of wood are the same so each set has to be addressed on its merits. Some tops are a little floppier and some much stiffer but each will make a great guitar it will be the way it is braced that will make it sound great.

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